Since 1954, Naef has crafted wooden marvels that transcend generations. These creations cater not only to the youthful souls but also to the discerning tastes of individuals of profound life experience. The repertoire not only offers captivating masterpieces, it even includes faithful reproductions of iconic Bauhaus designs. Regardless of the category, one constant prevails: every Naef-branded product represents the pinnacle of precision and excellence.

This journey in the realm of toys and design is an enchanting odyssey. At Naef, we are propelled forward by a cadre of exceptionally creative minds, ceaseless innovation, and a devotion to premium raw materials. What's more, we proudly operate as a family-run enterprise. Carrying forth the legacy of our visionary founder, Kurt Naef, we place paramount importance on maintaining the highest standards of quality in everything we undertake. Beyond this commitment, we cherish the perspectives and ideas of our wonderful customers.

Naef USA and Chess House


Naef in the USA

With more than a decade long cooperation, Naef USA is operated by Chess House under the executive oversight of Raphael Neff. Neff has a family heritage and life-long appreciation for exquisite artifacts that stimulate the mind through creative play.

The present partnership enables premier distribution, phone, and email support to compliment the worldwide Naef brand.