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Naef is a Swiss company that carries a wide range of toys and puzzles, crafted with high-level quality and great design features.   Since 1954, we have been manufacturing wooden toys, not just for children, but for people of all ages. Our products range from baby toys to design objects to replicas of Bauhaus designs. No matter what we do, one thing is clear – products with the Naef logo stand for the highest in precision and quality.


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What People Are Saying About Naef

  • Swiss made Naef toys are designed to encourage creativity and imagination. Naef toys are so well crafted and durable, they are what I consider to be heirloom quality toys. Naef has been making toys for over 50 years and it shows. As a grandparent concerned with safety, I am glad to know that all Naef toys are created using set safety standards and safe coloring..

    founder of About A Mom blog

  • The precision of the toys is exquisite and any toy not made within one tenth of a millimeter of the correct form is discarded.  Naef also pays special attention to the materials they use.  Naef uses eco-friendly wood that generally comes from Europe.  They also use high quality paints and varnishes to finish off their toys.  The hand-made Naef toys are  a perfect example of good craftsmanship and precision that ever toy or project should strive for.  

    Dana Brink
    founder of Art & Architecture Website

  • Naef toys are child-safe and made with high-quality wood from environmentally-friendly plantations and finished with non-toxic paint

    founder and editor in chief of Inhabitots

  • Naef makes the most incredible wooden toys that transcend age… with vibrant colors and unlimited possibilities, they are good from childhood through adulthood – being both toys, desk sculptures, and perfect for coffee tables/waiting rooms!

    founder of

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