Welcome to Naef USA

Naef USA Inc. was launched in May of 2005 in Winchester, Virginia 22603 as the sole distributor for the United States and Canada.  Our distribution center provides the highest level of excellence and quality assistance that our company’s founder Kurt Naef instilled into Naef Spiele AG of Switzerland.

Our entrance in the United States has made it easier to supply Naef hand made wooden toys; or as we like to refer to them as “Objects of Art” to our avid followers.   We plan to maintain our unprecedented reputation for quality and customer service in order to maintain the Naef name and tradition well into the future. Every Naef item is sold with the full intent of bringing enjoyment to the customer as well as to their family members in the future.  Our product’s specifically selected woods and superior Swiss craftsmanship allow for them to last beyond a single generation.  Naef is more than just a toy; it is the piece of family history that will be passed down from generation to generation.

The Naef USA Inc. distribution center is located at 421 McGhee Road in Winchester, Virginia.  Our doors and ears are always open for questions and comments or if you would just like to share your own personal Naef experience with us.

The Toymaker

Kurt Naef

Founder of the company Naef 
May 4, 1926 – November 30, 2006

Kurt Naef devoted over 60 years of his life to the material wood. Firstly, as an apprenticed carpenter and later, as a designer of wooden toys, which made him famous all over the world. The road to success, however, was long and winding. He was guided by various coincidences, encounters and also changes. But what was the driving force behind him along this road?  

Kurt Naef was an exceptionally inquisitive, open and determined type of person. Regardless of the expense or risk involved, whatever he started was treated with care and perfected, and had to meet his high quality standards before leaving his hands. His natural way with people and ability to inspire them also helped him to build up his company and make it successful.


Hand Crafted

Many of our play objects are still crafted exclusively by hand. Our play objects are world renowned for their beautiful forms, colours, intelligent constructions, adequate materials and perfect craftsmanship. More than half of our high quality play objects are exported to Germany, Japan, France, and the USA.

Production 2
Production 6 1

Detailed & Precision Process

Only high-quality woods from environmentally-friendly, “Green” lumber sites in Europe are used. All Naef play objects are colored with only the highest quality paints and varnishes. It is always fascinating to see Naef items come together with clockwork precision. All items are inspected throughout many different stages of the production process. If a piece is not within one tenth of a millimeter of its specified tolerance it is rejected and recycled.

Our Commitment To Quality

Our commitment to quality is what allows children to explore the world through their senses. For many children “play” presents the opportunity for new experiences and discovery. We have always felt that these early experiences can be the most important ones and that‘s why we ensure every Naef item is of highest quality.

Production 5

Trusted by clients

We are lucky to have a very diverse group of clients who all enjoy our play objects for a wide range of reasons.  The one thing that they all have in common is a trust in our product and the knowledge that no matter what product is their favorite- each is made with responsibly harvested wood, paints and dyes that are safe for children.

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